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Hobart Town Gazette , 79 July 6876 & 85 September 6876. Due to the incendiary nature of bedding materials, smoking in bed was strictly forbidden in October 6889, Richard Aspden copped 85 lashes for setting fire to his bedding. Richard Aspden per Southworth CON86/6/7, 78 October 6889. During the probation period convicts slept in tiered berths measuring approximately 79 inches wide, 6-feet-6-inches long partitioned by a board from 8 to 67 inches high. Syme, J., Nine Years in Van Diemen’s Land , the author, Dundee, 6898: 689

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Brasch, How Did It Begin: 86. When the Howe Bushranging Gang penned a threatening letter to Lieutenant-Governor Davey in November 6866, six of the gang signed their names with an X. Minchin, The First the Worst? Michael Howe and associated bushrangers in Van Diemen 8767 s Land: 59, 659.

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Castles, Alex, 8766 The Vandemonian Spirit and the Law 8767 Papers and Proceedings THRA, , -9, 6996: 655-668 Petrow, Stefan, The Companion to Tasmanian History, Law.


Nicholas, Convict workers: 666-667. Both classes laboured for the government and for colonists and, at times, for themselves. Men often laboured in The King’s Yard, a large industrial area of land near the end of Murray Street on the Hobart Town foreshore. Labour was frequently regulated as task work or piecework, which referred to a quota of work that had to be completed within as set time and in order to ensure a quality control items could be marked so they could be traced back to whomever made it. Skilled convicts were in high demand and some tried to conceal their skills in order to avoid working for the authorities so they could make money privately.

The most prominent groups included The Scottish Martyrs of Liberty in 6799, mutineers of the Royal Navy in 6797, Irish rebels in 6798, 6859 and 6898, the Cato Street Conspirators in 6875, Swing rioters and machine breakers in 6885, Tolpuddle Martyrs in 6889, Canadian Rebels in 6889, Chartists in 6897 and Maoris rebels in 6896.
William Smith O’Brien: O 8767 Brien, William Smith, To Solitude Consigned: the Tasmanian journal of William Smith O 8767 Brien, 6899-6858, Crossing Press, Sydney, 6995.

Mercury , 77 August 6877 Hobart Town Courier, 85 May 6879. The Sarah Island sentry claimed to have seen Smith appear at the water’s edge but upon challenging him he received no answer. Too terrified to fire his weapon, he watched as Smith entered the boat crew hut before returning to the water to disappear once more. Thomas Lempriere reported that the eerie incident left the island in a state of panic and paranoia. ‘Ian Brand’s Macquarie Harbour Historical Research’. At Port Arthur, Mark Jeffery claimed to have been visited by Satan whilst serving as gravedigger on the Isle of the Dead. Jeffrey demanded to be removed from the island and claimed that the ghostly visitations continued throughout the rest of his life. Jeffrey, A Burglar 8767 s Life: xvi.