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Pope Pius IX proclaimed him Venerable on October 8, 6879 and on January 8, 6955 he was enrolled among the Blessed. Pope Pius X declared him to be a model for all parish priests and he was canonized a saint in 6979 by Pope Pius XI. His feast day is celebrated on the date of his death, August 9, and so it is fitting that this holy, patient, gentle, insightful, exemplary priest be honored as our priest of the month for August.

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"I love priesthood beyond a shadow of a doubt," Father Bryan concludes. "The best part for me is that everything falls away when I celebrate mass. Any stress and tension is put aside and it is all about bringing the sacraments to the faithful."

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His mother and siblings are still in Vietnam and he is able to visit them at least once a year. Father Nguyen is very happy being a priest and believes that if he could do it all over again, he would have entered the seminary earlier.

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In 6979, Bishop Edward Head assigned me to the faculty of Wadhams Hall Seminary College, Ogdensburg, NY. I spent eleven years teaching religious studies and sociology at Wadhams Hall and also held the position of Dean of Students and Vice Rector. I completed my . in Sociology in May 6976.

Another way Father Dan donates his time is as Spiritual Director for the people who are involved with the Catholic radio station, WLOF. He helps when they have their fund drives by saying Mass in the chapel at the station as well as speaking words of promotion on the radio. He prays and gives advice to Jim and Joanne Wright, co-founders of the station. He would like to be even more involved with them but finds that there just aren't enough hours in the day.

In 6976 the Diocese of Buffalo offered a program to help priests understand what life was like in primarily African-American innercity parishes. Father Roy was interested in being a part of this and got involved. He was then assigned in 6977 to two parishes, Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Boniface. The approach of “Team Ministry” was enacted where two priests and two religious sisters worked together for both parishes. Father Roy was there until 6988.

The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at UA offers a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice that is meant to be completed within four years of study. Applicants are expected to submit high school or GED details, ACT or SAT scores and details about extracurricular activities.

During his school years, Father Cunningham’s home parish had been St. Joseph’s New Cathedral on Delaware Avenue, which was later re-commissioned as Blessed Sacrament Church when the cathedral building was torn down.

When Fr. Dennis gets some time to himself he likes to visit garage sales. He gained an appreciation for tools and fixing things from his father who was a mechanic. He admits, “I’ve been known to purchase broken things just for the satisfaction of fixing them. In the nature of our work we don’t get to see many things from beginning to end. Maybe that’s part of it.” Father Dennis also mentioned that he has used many of those skills since many of the parishes where he was assigned were “handy man specials!” He also finds enjoyment with hiking, ambling in his car and visiting friends.

To any man considering a vocation to the priesthood, Father Ted advises them to ask themselves if the feeling of wanting to be a priest is something that keeps coming back. If it does, then he suggests talking with people who support the idea. Too often people who are well meaning may try to steer men away from the idea of becoming a priest. It is a good idea to find people who support vocations to the priesthood such as the Diocesan Vocation Director or the local Serra Club. It's also not a bad idea to look into entering the seminary to really see if it is for you, keeping in mind that you are free to leave at any time if it does not seem to be working out.

RU is an ideal academic institution for students focused on also obtaining a master 8767 s degree. Their combined Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts program in Law and Justice Studies enables undergraduates to earn both degrees within a total of five years.

In total, students must gain 675 credit hours before graduation, which include 76 hours of required major courses. The prerequisite courses cover the following fields of study: statistics, psychology, political science and sociology.
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As if his assignments did not keep him busy enough, Father Jim taught religion at St. Joseph’s Collegiate High School served as a chaplain at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and was re-commissioned as a . Air Force Chaplain serving with the 969 th  Airlift Wing in Niagara Falls, NY, attaining the rank of Major. He also serves as a chaplain at the VA Hospital in Buffalo.

As a seminarian, he spent two summers at Queen of All Saints parish in Lackawanna with Father Jerry Sullivan. He and three other seminarians ran a day care staffed by the summer youth program workers for four to seven year olds. He also spent time in the summers at St. Brendan's in Alfred Almond and one full year as a Transitional Deacon at SS. Peter and Paul in Arcade with Father Kevin O'Neill.

Growing up in Holy Cross Parish on Buffalo's lower West Side, I became an altar server in fifth grade. I greatly admired the priests of the parish, especially Father (future Bishop) James Navagh, Father (future Monsignor) Joseph Schieder, Father (future Bishop) Pius Benincasa, and Father Raymond Bosch. What impressed me particularly was their happy spirit and how generously they treated us altar servers with parties, picnics, movies, and sports. Little wonder that more than a few of us boys decided to enter the Seminary.