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Communist Architecture of Skopje, Macedonia - YOMADIC

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 00:50

I really enjoyed all your articles about Macedonia. If you ask me, they can be combined as a tourist guide. :)
Thank you for them and for the promotion of our small country!

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You 8767 re most welcome. As you can tell, I enjoyed seeing all of these amazing buildings in Skopje as much as you enjoy remembering them through these photos. As for the political issues yes they are far too complex for me, so there isn 8767 t much point in me offering yet another opinion. I would only hope that among all thew new kitschy constructions, these old brutalist concrete beauties are not forgotten about for any longer.

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It is sad that the Church in the . is embracing such post modern ideas. The Church has a long history of being the top organization in investing in the latest greatest building technologies and architecture. Gothic architecture was modern for its time. Flying buttresses were a structural technology that was the first of its time and allowed churches to be built to hights never before seen in masonry construction. In fact, the Church 8767 s investments in these technologies as well as the arts was a shining light in the dark ages.

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I wanted to add that I think the building I live in is also fits in quite well in the brutalist tradition (I think, as I am no connoisseur of architecture) :) here 8767 s a random google photo of them, they used to be the tallest towers in the past, also built by japanese I believe.

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There is such beauty in the architecture of the Roman Catholic churches! While some say such a waste of money while the poor go hungry and they build these established monuments of glorification. But the truth is if you need a meeting place what better than a place and piece of functional art and lasting construction for all to use and glorify the images that are made to last! But most important is that beauty within beauty is achieved thoroughly for all to see!GBA

He had a really nice vision about Skopje. I sincerely hope that some of the new plans will fail, and that it will be possible to fall for Macedonia, as you did, even after 65 years.

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On German media much is being said (. here: http:///br-fernsehen/capriccio/skopje-wird-zum-geschichts-disneyland?documentId=69687685 ) about the epidemic of statues exalting the glorious past of the place.

Due to a dispute with Greece, and in particular the Greek region just across the shared border also known as Macedonia, The Republic of Macedonia was admitted to the United Nations only with the provisional name of FYROM. But this soviet-esque abbreviation is already out of favor with many UN members. Apologies to Greece, but it appears the name FYROM will be going the same way as Rhodesia, The Dutch East Indies, and Upper Volta. To most people around the world, Macedonia, is Macedonia.

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