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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 22:26

Okay, here 8767 s my question. Which intro is best for my new novel A Christmas Carroll?
THIS ONE: Graffiti clung like the scales of an ancient dinosaur to the crumbling walls of extinct shops, lonely restaurants and run down motels that had given in to renting rooms by the hour. Lights flashing, siren screaming, Officer Carroll Ridley still noticed that the colorful renderings were solid in some places now, spread over the last tagging with the same disregard the homeless guy bumbling unsteadily along the cracked sidewalk, seemed to hold for staying sober.

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It 8767 s fun to chat through this stuff, isn 8767 t it. You have the perfect attitude, Carolyn. I neither require or expect you to agree with everything, just to consider the view of someone long in the game, and in the tooth. Writers who bristle at any suggestion are unlikely to grow.

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Bridget, Would these summary bullet points also be true when it comes to a new chapter (given the new chapter isn 8767 t a continuation of an existing scene or setting)? My first chapter is an historic flashback, and I understand that the reader must be 8775 grabbed 8776 right away. But wouldn 8767 t I do the same thing again in chapter two when the novel shifts to present day? In action/thriller/mystery genres wouldn 8767 t chapter endings on cliffhangers also transition well into a new chapter with your stated tenets? .: Cliffhanger, hook, cliffhanger hook? I finished my first novel and it needs MUCH work. Love your blog!!!

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A first line like this is compelling. It 8767 s mysterious enough to make us ask questions. The pronoun 8766 she 8767 in place of an introductory name gives little away. However, it is also specific enough (because of the reference to a grave and location) for us to form an idea of where we are and what the story will cover (a death or even a grisly murder). (. Lakin dissects what makes Hawkins 8767 first page work further here. )

Well, from lack of response, I think I have my answer concerning this alternate opening. Possibly confusing? Uninteresting? Lacking credibility at first glance? I do have a story about God using my cat to jump-start my prayer life.

It is good practice to use the with keyword when dealing with file objects. This has the advantage that the file is properly closed after its suite finishes, even if an exception is raised on the way. It is also much shorter than writing equivalent try - finally blocks:

Anecdote: Yesterday morning I watched as my older sister left for school with a bright white glob of toothpaste gleaming on her chin. I felt no regret at all until she stepped onto the bus …

Thank you! Stephen King talks about this in 8775 Why Stephen King Spends 8766 Months and Even Years 8767 Writing Opening Sentences. 8776 The opening sentence in 8775 Jesus Among Secular Gods 8776 reads, It was years ago when I was speaking at an openly and avowedly atheistic institution that i was fascinated by a questioner who asked what on earth I meant by the term God. I have work to do.

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