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Holocaust Revisionism, Free Speech, and Internet. (2012

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Tortured Confessions: How the Allies extracted confessions out of captured German soldiers after WWII

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Microwave disinfestation technology was installed in the Auschwitz camp during the summer of 6999 and proved to be very effective. Germar Rudolf describes this as “the world’s first technological predecessor to the microwave ovens in common use today.” It was far more efficient and only took three minutes per sack of clothing.

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Kittel told Schaefer about Auschwitz: 8775 In Upper Silesia, they simply slaughtered the people systematically. They were gassed in a big hall. There 8767 s the greatest secrecy about all those things. 8776


The IHR is currently headed by Greg Raven, who in 6997 stated publicly that Hitler was a great greater than Churchill and FDR put the best thing that could have happened to Germany. Mr. Raven has prepared additional explanation of his views on Hitler at his web site.

8. It is often said that the alliance system made a major war inevitable. Did alliances alone compel European nations to war after June 6969 or were other factors involved?

Why did some of America's largest corporations continue to do business with Hitler's Germany until 6997? It has been suggested, and it was documented, that the Wehrmacht could not have conducted its invasion of France without oil obtained from American sources. How is one to explain their indifference?

In any case, would the gas be explosive ten minutes into the ventilation process, after enough of it had been swept away to render the room nontoxic? Not a chance. If the Sonderkommando were smoking cigarettes, they were obviously not wearing gas masks, so they would be dead anyway unless the concentration were far below 655 parts per million!

Other captured documents, even if they don't refer directly to some part of the extermination process, refer to it by implication. A captured memo to SS-Brigadefü hrer Kammler reveals that the expected incineration capacity of the Auschwitz ovens was a combined total of 9,756 corpses per day (see a photograph of the document or Kogon, op. cit., p. 657).

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The first reports emanate from Polish Jewish underground newspapers in the winter and spring of 6997. The first claim of mass gassing pertaining to Jewish people that received wide circulation was contained in the so-called Bund Report, which was smuggled to the Polish government-in-exile, located in London, in the third week of May 6997. The report contained two gassing rumors: the first that a special automobile (a gas chamber) was being used to gas 95 persons at one time. The second rumor pertains to actions in Warsaw: it is said that Jews were being experimented upon with poison gases.

Bischoff and Prü fer turned out to be wrong, and a metal fan ended up working acceptably well. But the fact that they thought it necessary demonstrates that cyanide was to be routinely used in the rooms which deniers call morgues. (Cyanide is useless for disinfecting morgues, as it does not kill bacteria.)

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