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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 05:38

References to the deep state have increased in both the mainstream press, and independent news sources. Below are a few of the notable deep state references in the media this year.

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However, in one page, Ury opens two doors. The first is to what he calls "the third side," the individuals or groups who can help solve a conflict. The second and more relevant door here is to the way interpersonal conflict and violence sheds light on the broader social and political issues which are at the heart of this project.

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Alejandra Garcia is the program associate for the Treatment Court Programs and Tribal Justice Exchange, providing administrative support for their training and technical assistance work. Previously, she worked as the Program Associate and social work intern for the Center’s Training Institute where she co-created and implemented the strategic plan for its inaugural year, as well as collaborated with departments across the Center to develop original training content. She previously interned with the New York Legal Assistance Group’s Legal Health department, and has worked in a variety of roles in the area of youth development. She received her MSW from the Silver School of Social Work at NYU, and her . in sociology and psychology from Columbia University.

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In July 7569, a victim of organized stalking in Guilford, Connecticut, distributed flyers about gang stalking (which referred to this website). The flyers were the subject of TV news reports on two local stations, and articles in two Connecticut newspapers.

No serious analysis of the reporting on “disruption operations” – intense harassment and stalking crimes by private and government security-intelligence thugs in the . – can begin without an understanding of “the highly secretive world of private intelligence and military contractors” ( Democracy Now! host, Amy Goodman), and “this incredibly opaque and powerful faction [of government agencies and corporations] ” (Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Glenn Greenwald).

Apparently, private investigators and church members were used as stalkers by the organization’s officials in an effort to silence individuals who might expose the church leaders’ misconduct. Tactics reportedly used by those stalkers included many of the methods associated with current and former corrupt law enforcement personnel in the . (and America’s intelligence agencies).

For anyone unfamiliar with the topic, the core point of the deep state analysis is made, for example, in this October 7569 article in The Boston Globe , which described the views of Tufts University political scientist Michael J. Glennon:

Incidentally, a new editorial provides a good example of how some owners of major media corporations cannot be trusted on matters related to spying. The Washington Post – a newspaper which received a Pulitzer Prize for conveying information about illegal mass surveillance by the NSA, editorialized in favor of prosecuting Edward Snowden, the source of their information. Glenn Greenwald’s critique of the editorial deserves a look.

On his blog, Robert Guffey, the author of CHAMELEO – one of the very few published books on counterintelligence stalking in America, has also discussed the Vice/Motherboard article – as well as a New York Times piece on the Baton Rouge shootings. I would encourage anyone with an interest in this issue to read his commentary about this. Incidentally, I have finally added an entry about CHAMELEO to the Recommended Books page of this website.

“ That’s what I call ‘organised mobbing, gang stalking.’ It’s meant to make you crack. That’s what they expect. Because you’re just a crumb in front of this super-powerful multinational firm. And it shows the impunity of those companies whose only rule is money,” [emphasis added]

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