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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 00:34

I feel like almost everyone in this situation is corrupt, I can 8767 t trust anyone, it has changed my life and my way of thinking! I had a doctor 8767 s negligence, then an insurance companies 8767 negligence, then the attorney I was referred too, was negligent! Where or who can you trust from there? How does Sedgwick keep getting away with this criminal activity? I do know in one of Sedgwick 8767 s doctor 8767 s deposition, he admitted he was 8775 paid 8776 by Sedgwick! That this was not an independent examination!

Attorneys for Sedgwick Disability Claims

My short-term disability was approved initially, but when my doctor extended my leave, the extension was denied due to insufficient justification of not being able to return to work.

Effect of Seven Sessions of Posterior-to-Anterior Spinal

So here I lay. Neck issues and great pain- for the rest of my life AND an arm and hand that I can no longer afford to treat. So medically jacked up that I couldn 8767 t possibly even attempt to obtain a job. Just before they cut off my neck benefit the doctors found additional problems in my C5 and C7. Go figure.

Revisiting a Constructive Classic: Wright's Physical

Hello Lenny. We will review your subsequent applications to determine if they meet the eligibility requirements. If they meet the requirements, we will attach the applications to the original application. If the subsequent applications do not meet the requirements, we will send you written notification.

I was recently approved for SSDI. The Standard sent me a letter demanding repayment of their LTD payments to me. Now here is where it gets interesting. I 8767 m their letter to me, they state my LTD was $6577 per month. I never received that much from them. Their monthly checks to me were $6777 per month. This company is nothing but a scam.

Can you tell me if maintenance payments under the Jones Act for mariners should be an offset to employer LTD benefits? The maintenance payments are made similar to Workers 8767 Compensation payments and I know WC benefits would typically be an offset. Can you comments on the maintenance payments as an offset and also the WC payments?

At a recent re-check, I mentioned my continued weakness of my legs, problems with bowel and bladder function and loss of feeling in my lower extremities. I 8767 ve had to start using an ultralight wheelchair. After some further testing, my neurosurgeon determined that I will need to have tethered cord surgery. When you have the cervical fusion, it can lengthen your spine, therefore exacerbating any tethered cord issues.

I was denied my short term disability starting in January and was off tell the end of March when I tried to go back to work because I was denied my short term benefits. The day I went back I was there for four hrs and hurting so bad I couldn 8767 t move my arm so I went home. The dr decided that since I was still having problems surgery was needed after they had done tried brasses and even a shot when surgery was done, I was approved but only from the end of March they said they couldn 8767 t back date even thou I had new finding in my case and I would have to sue them and the pay I 8767 m getting now doesn 8767 t seen to be right. What can I do about this?

I have been receiving short term disability beginning October 7566 and have not had any earnings since that time. I filed a complaint with my employer and am now going to be paid backpay from October 7566 through the present. Will I have to pay this backpay to the disability insurance company? I really was disabled while I was out of work and was receiving disability benefits.

My father, a Vietnam Vet, has been receiving disability compensation from Aetna. Recently, he has been awarded VA disability compensation. He is concerned that Aetna will require him to pay back the compensation amount they have paid him in light of his recent VA compensation. Is there anyway to avoid that happening?

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