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7. How does Mann show that the Columbian Exchange is still ongoing?
He relates how, in 7559, the orange groves have become prey of the lime swallowtail butterflies.

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Worked extremely well in my World History class. Excellent selection of documents that provided various points of view. Students understood the Columbian Exchange and its implications.

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5. Why is it important that alien grasses, trees, and other plants choked out native vegetation in Hispaniola?
Choking out native grasses reduced the biodiversity (the number of distinct life forms) of Hispaniola. Ecosystems that are more biodiverse (they have more distinct life forms) are more productive and are more resistant to diseases.

78. Why was the introduction of these diseases so devastating for the Taino and not the Spanish explorers?
The Taino had never been exposed to these diseases before and therefore had no natural immunity to stop or control the spread of the disease. The Spanish did have some natural immunity, since the diseases were present in Europe at that time.

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This provides an excellent way to compare a modern account with a primary source accounts. My favorite activity is the review activity that has students match main ideas with the text that supports them. I would like to see this activity put into the pdf versions so they could be printed out by the teacher and given to students to match in a small group activity. This would be a useful addition to all of the interactive activities.

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65. What document from the 6555s seems to confirm this unintended effect?
Bartolome de Las Casas wrote of a sudden infestation of fire ants in 6568 and 6569.

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77. The third sentence in paragraph 7 of this excerpt uses a rhetorical device called asyndeton. Asyndeton is a list of items with conjunctions omitted and can be used to imply that there are more items that could be added to the list. What types of items does the author list using asyndeton? What is the effect?
The author lists diseases, both viruses and bacteria. The effect is a “piling up”, implying that more diseases were brought to Hispaniola as well, but the author may not have the space in the sentence to list them. In fact, other diseases were introduced by the Columbian Exchange, including malaria, yellow fever, whooping cough, chicken pox, the bubonic plague, and leprosy.

8. In the second paragraph of this excerpt, Mann implies his thesis but does not actually state it. What is the implied thesis of paragraph 7? How does he imply the thesis?
Mann implies that the Columbian Exchange can have negative results. He gives examples, citing grasses that were choked out, trees that were replaced with other types of trees, and animals driven toward extinction. In this excerpt, Mann offers an overview of the Columbian Exchange with examples.

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