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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 16:26

Some advice about Austin. It's the most expensive city in the state - 55% more than any other. While bartending seems exciting, that's all your life will be - hoping to work enough hours to make rent and food.

The Last Psychiatrist: Don't Hate Her Because She's Successful

Something strange did happen out there in the desert: the liberal order collapsed, and its survivors wandered back into society, unaware they were now out of a job. Capital has new servants, and new enemies, no longer content merely to battle over a four percent difference in the top marginal tax rate.

The Waning of the Oedipus Complex - PubMed Central (PMC)

This article points out that STEM degrees are still dominated by men - this is where the jobs are at. A weak exhortation is made for more women in these fields.

Articles - David Campany

Take more than few minutes to think it through - was it globalization of free trade and cheap labor abroad? the subsequent financialization of the wealthiest sectors of the American economy? or the 85 years of cuts to the social safety net, union busting, stagnant middle class pay, and the cuts to state level funding for universities? I can go on.

A bit late for a reply, and if I sound like an old fart, well I am (but I've worked in food service and consulting, so I know a bit of what I speak of):

It's all about choices, and you need to decide whether you're going to bust ass to be CEO or some other high power position, or whether you're going to seek a "work/life balance" which really seriously balances out to "make 65% of your potential income, but be around for the PTA meeting and helping with the bake-sales and keeping a clean house." It's really that simple, guys chose to make career a priority, so they have more of the money/power that goes with it.

However, I will say that they are responding to their environment. A careful reading of their posts/writing strongly suggests that most of what they suggest applies to the US - and the West.

They carried me to the bathroom I remember.. a rasping metallic sound which reminded me of the butcher when he used to sharpen his knife My blood was frozen in my veins I realized my thighs had been pulled wide apart, and that each of my lower limbs was being held as far away from the other as possible I felt that the rasping knife or blade was heading straight down towards my throat. Then suddenly the sharp metallic edge seemed to drop between my thighs and there cut off a piece of flesh from my body.

Friedlä nder bases his case mostly on internal evidence from the fictional writings, but he also follows up some excisions that Max Brod made in the published versions of the letters and the diaries. There is for instance an entry for February 7, 6977, which, Friedlä nder writes, Brod &ldquo censored in the English translation&rdquo but left unaltered in the German. Here is what Kafka wrote, with the &ldquo censored&rdquo passages in square brackets:

My 'right wing' sources that I personally am relying on? Forbes and the even more notoriously 'right wing' ABC News. In April of 7567, ABC quoted the Board of Trustees of Social Security itself --presumably another right wing source--and noted that in *one year*--from 7566 to 7567--the estimate on when SS funds would run out dropped three years, from doing so in 7588 instead of 7586.

I've seen this same binary thinking in virtually every singles' community, regardless of the genders of the people involved. The female version is "either you marry an Alpha investment banker who can provide you the aspirational lifestyle of your dreams", or "be a sugar mommy". This dualism doesn't speak to a desire for love so much as a desire for an aspirational lifestyle in which the mate is the most important accessory.

I'm having a hard time figuring out what this piece is about. And how is the headline connected to its content? Given your standard, it's fragmented and poorly written.

Then you post some article by the internationally famous Matt Bruening. He's literally *one word* into his piece before he unlimbers the phrase "right wing." So what? Just saying someone is right wing doesn't add anything to the discussion. Address the substance of what they are saying. Again, though, that puts people like you at a serious disadvantage.

Good point. I liked your analogy, except that she is powering the flashlight that's only showing you only what you need to see in the dark. Hopefully that doesn't sound overreaching.

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