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Election 2017: What is Tim Farron's stance on gay rights

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 18:14

Six years later, the political winds having shifted, Krylenko was executed as an enemy of the people. But his spirit lives on among the Commissars of Gay Compliance at GLAAD. It is not enough to have gay marriage for gays. Everything must be gayed. There must be Five-Year Gay Plans for American bakeries, and the Christian church, and reality TV. There must be shock brigades of gay duck-hunters honking out the party line deep in the backwoods of the proletariat. Obamacare pajama models, if not yet mandatorily gay, can only be dressed in tartan onesies and accessorized with hot chocolate so as to communicate to the Republic’s maidenhood what a thankless endeavor heterosexuality is in contemporary America.

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I couldn’t help wondering what Nicolosi would say to me, or Daniel, or Ryan. Does he feel as though he failed us? Does he think we failed him? Has hearing the stories of his former patients posted all over YouTube and the blogosphere changed his thinking? I decide to call him to find out.

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When did things turn around for him? A few years ago, he said, he landed a job working in an administrative-support position at the Denver Police Department. It was then that he started getting involved in gay-rights causes. “The Prop. 8 lawsuit was the first time I felt people really believed in me,” he says. “I was surrounded by smart, important people, and they paid attention to me.”

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Deirdre McCloskey: Or the horror of Venezuela these days. But I was once a Marxist, and then I was a Keynesian, and that 8767 s kind of slow socialism. You [55:57:55] want to takes the view that the government is very nice and is very competent, and so we need more of that, and less economic freedom.

Deirdre McCloskey: Yeah, The Founder. It 8767 s an excellent movie. I didn 8767 t quite see the end of it, so I 8767 m not sure if it was entirely pro-capitalist, but it was. A lot better than the Wall Street movies. So we gotta keep at it.

Aaron Powell: That in fact what you saw was that the conservatives were [55:89:85] So, the Trump voters, all the red dots, were clustered, yes, very low on social freedom, but also were very much, like they were basically in the middle on economic freedom. Like they leaned against economic freedom. Then the liberals were in a similar-

There are other signs of decline. Attendance at Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out conference, the movement’s largest annual gathering, has dropped. Focus on the Family recently sold Love Won Out to Exodus. Ex-gay activists have less of a presence at religious-right events. Twenty years after NARTH’s founding, the movement has lost its luster. 

I left the office with a copy of Nicolosi’s most recent book, Healing Homosexuality , and a worksheet that categorized different emotions under the rubrics of “true self” and “false self.” The true self felt masculine, was “adequate, on par,” “secure, confident, capable,” and “at home in [his] body.” The false self did not feel masculine, was inadequate and insecure, and felt alienated from his body. This rang true. I had been teased throughout my childhood for being effeminate, and as a lanky, awkward teen with bad skin, I certainly was not at home in my body.

When I first reach Nicolosi on the phone, he says he remembers me well and that he is surprised that I “went in the gay direction. You really seemed to get it.” The conversation is quick. He is between clients, so we arrange to speak a few days later.