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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 14:02

General Semantics There is no subject that causes more confusion between things real and things not-real is the misuse of language, confusing word for things. A grasp of this subject is essential to critical thinking.


The road will not be easy, but if we take the knowledge, understanding, and insights we have gained about critical thinking over the last twelve years, there is much that we could do in assessment that we haven't yet done — at the level of the individual classroom teacher, at the level of the school system, at the level of the state, and at the national level.

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Critical Thinking in Business a practical text for

After the Texas Republicans proposed discouraging the teaching of critical thinking in their platform, we had an interesting discussion on the CogSci StackExchange about 8775 can critical thinking be taught? 8776 . Would be great to have your input there.

Even though thinking creatively is often associated with thinking critically and vice versa, I would for the purpose of this article, make a distinction between the two.

Dany Adams explains how, because the scientific method is a formalization of critical thinking, it can be used as a simple model that removes critical thinking from the realm of the intuitive and puts it at the center of a straightforward, easily implemented, teaching strategy, in Critical Thinking and Scientific Method.

To coin a phrase, Critical Thinking is Critical." Making decisions based upon erroneous, partially false or incomplete information not only drastically increases the risk of failure it actually guarantees it!

And that’s why leading-practice organizations actively measure and develop their employees critical thinking skills – from the front line to the C-Suite.

An effective thinker must be willing to think and able to think. These requirements for disposition (be willing) and skill (be able) are described in the pages above, and with more detail in a series of papers by Peter Facione, Noreen Facione, Carol Giancarlo, and Joanne Gainen. I suggest The Motivation to Think in Working and Learning and Professional Judgment and the Disposition Toward Critical Thinking or you can read the abstracts to see what looks interesting.

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