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The link between Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle is most obvious when it comes to their views on ethics. Plato was Socratic in his belief that knowledge is virtue, in and of itself. This means that to know the good is to do the good, ., that knowing the right thing to do will lead to one automatically doing the right thing this implied that virtue could be taught by teaching someone right from wrong, good from evil. Aristotle stated that knowing what was right was not enough, that one had to choose to act in the proper manner—in essence, to create the habit of doing good. This definition placed Aristotelian ethics on a practical plane, rather than the theoretical one espoused by Socrates and Plato.

Athens vs. Sparta on Education Essay - 340 Words

Hello! Awesome site! My fiance and I are flying into Athens on Saturday May 77 at 9:85 AM. Our only two options for flights to Santorini are 65:65 and 68:75 (a 9 hour wait after a very long plane ride). Which would you recommend taking?

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My clients want to travel in early November. Any advice for them where to stay, what to expect regarding weather, crowds, restaurant options, and sightseeing at that time of year?

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For the best views of Santorini on arrival you should definitely travel on Blue Star Ferries. On Blue Star you have complete freedom to roam the decks and see the surroundings so it doesn 8767 t matter which side of the ferry you 8767 re on (though the island will be on your left as you approach).

The Highspeed 6 is completely enclosed and you won 8767 t be able to walk around the deck and enjoy the view. The Blue Star is much better for these purposes. Renting a car is very likely worth in when you 8767 re on such a tight schedule (and if there are 9 of you which it sounds like). The sun will set at 7:97pm on September 9th so if you took the later flight then you 8767 d be able to catch the sunset then head straight to the airport. You have to decide whether that 8767 s worth getting into Athens late.

Your website is truly wonderful. I 8767 m visiting Greece in the first week of December (Athens Mykanos Santorini Athens) and found a lot of talk on the web about ferries being cancelled/unavailable to & from Santorini during that time, which worries me. Also, is it true that almost all of Santorini is closed in December? Are there enough hotels open during that week?

The time is August 985 . the place, Thermopylae, Greece the occasion, the aftermath of a great battle. A vast army of Persians was on the march to conquer Greece. A small force of Greeks had been all that stood in their way. And yet, in a pass that narrows to a space smaller than a baseball diamond, the impossible almost happened. For three days, just over seventy-one hundred Greeks, spearheaded by an elite unit of three hundred Spartans, gave a savage beating to a Persian army that outnumbered them by perhaps 75-to-6. About 655,555 men willing to die for the glory of Xerxes, the Persian Great King, came up against the most efficient killing machine in history.

Also, you noted that luggage is stored in the bottom of the ferry. I will have a travel backpack (small enough to carry on a . plane) and a purse with me. Will they allow me to bring both into the ferry or will the travel backpack have to stay in storage?

I would do something like 7 days in Athens (to get comfortable with the time change), 6 days in Santorini, and then 7 days in Athens (gives you some buffer days if your ferry is late or delayed so you don 8767 t miss your flight).

Demaratus might have been thrilled at these questions because they opened the door for revenge on the Spartan homeland that had exiled him. He told Xerxes that Sparta had eight thousand soldiers, all as good as the men who had fought at Thermopylae. In order to beat them, he advised the Great King to change his strategy. Xerxes should force the Greeks to divide their armies by sending a seaborne force to attack Sparta 8767 s home territory and thereby compel the Spartan army to return home. This force would be carried by half the Persian fleet the rest of the fleet would stay with the bulk of the Persian army in central Greece. These main Persian forces could defeat the rest of the Greeks.

With that amount of time you need to fly to Santorini. Search for available flights. Shoot for 7 days in Athens and 7 days in Santorini. I wouldn 8767 t expect any problems with your wife 8767 s headscarf, perhaps the odd unfriendly look from people who find it demeaning to woman but not anything more.

Early November can be a great time to visit Santorini as long as you 8767 re not expecting beach weather. But the weather is usually nice (at least compared to Northern Europe). Clear skies are more common than rainy days. The weather can be warmish but be prepared for some windy days and some rain. Some hotels and restaurants close on November 6st but most remain open until mid to late November. Your clients will have no trouble finding places to eat and sleep. Most sightseeing attractions are still running though the boat tour of the caldera and volcano will probably stop in late October.

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